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Much time we see in once life extramarital affairs in their life. By virtue of two part of individual’s life and they want to divorce to each. But are you think about it that why is happening in your life, what’s reason of all this. Stop for a minutes and think about it, when you realize than you know about it that is happening by horoscope in your birth chart. In birth chart so many difficulties which you face in your life.

That is it:

• If 7th & 12th lord or constellation are placed interchangeably.
• Venus and rahu conjunction or Venus having malefic aspect.
• Moon & rahu conjunction. It makes fragile and tend to fall in any disputes in life.
•7th lord conjunction with rahu.
• 5th lord aspect lord by rahu.
• Venus in 12th house, deliberated, ast / combusted or papkarti
• Venus or moon having malefic aspect. Especially if Venus has aspect from two or more malefic planet like; Saturn, rahu. Than chance increases for sure with little doubt.
• Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo lord, mercury or Jupiter transit on 7th.
• Deliberated 7th lord ruins the married life and lot affairs.

Although we need to see all combinations in chart apart from this. if person has Jupiter or any other natural beneficial planets aspect on these bad combinations then it might lower bad effects of these combinations.

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