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According to time-old and well-tested science of astrology, there may be many potential for creating a wide range causes problems between husband and wife, in the course of married life. The most powerful and influential among these causes are as follows --- presence of one or more natural malicious and cruel planets in the seventh house of the birth chart of a partner, especially Saturn or Rahu; poor placement of the Lord of the seventh house; weaknesses and debilities certain naturally benevolent planets in the natal chart; bad influences of malicious planets in the seventh house, and also on the overall birth horoscope; and presence of any harmful yoga in the birth of a chart spouse as Mangal dosha or any Sarpa dosha Range.

To create the most effective, purely harmless, and the best possible male female ratio problem solving by astrology , we highly sophisticated and brilliant astrologer Pandit Gaurav Sharma to make one or more of the following constructive and positive changes by stones and other measures: - make the seventh house auspicious and strongly pleasant and the strengthening of the Lord of the seventh house and the lighting or nullifying the bad effects of all planets in this house 7; reducing or eliminating the bad influences of Mangal dosha or any Sarpa dosha Range, and any other astrology dosha; making the natural benevolent planets like Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Mercury, etc., stronger; and dilute the negative effects of malicious planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun, etc.