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Love marriage astrology is extremely useful and beneficial for individuals in love and families of these persons. Since ancient times, this wonderful science that suggests highly elegant and effective measures to people in general for solving and preventing their problems related to the different fields of life. This website contains very useful information, especially about love marriage astrology, and a beautiful and speedy solutions to our world famous love marriage astrologer Pandit Gaurav Sharma , with a view to the people and families of the helping the world over.

The most important and influential houses of the birth chart of a person related to his / her love affairs, marriage, marital life and relationship with spouse, the next --- Fifth house, Seventh house, Eleventh house and the second house . Therefore, for a love relationship or love marriage smooth, happy, and still continued to be these houses should auspicious and favourable with gracious influences of the natural benevolent planets like Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Mercury, etc. Again, these homes should not be subject to the receipt of bad and destructive influence of malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, etc., both in stationary and transient situations. Again, the owner of the seventh houses should not positions in any of the following houses of the natal chart --- Eleventh, third, fifth, sixth, eighth, and ninth. Finally, for the purposes and must not have any harmful, obstructive or destructive Yogas in the birth of a chart to be partner.