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medical astrology is a significant and important part of the Vedic astrology, which is to help people in connection with healing and prevention of various diseases of mankind since ancient times. This medical astrology or health astrology deals exclusively with the influences of Nakshatras (constellations), planets, and various signs of the zodiac, in different parts and organs of the human body. This heavenly science believes that problems and diseases associated with the different parts and organs of the human body caused by the bad and negative influences of various astrological elements. Exclusive information on these facts in the lower part separately.

The planetary positions at birth of a person, in his / her birth chart / horoscope clearly indicates the possibilities of certain diseases that may suffer the indigenous in life. So detailed and perfect observation and analysis of the birth horoscope of a person making an astrologer eligible for the prediction of the potential of certain diseases associated with different parts of the body, which will take place in the life of the native in the specified points of time. The use of this fact our world-famous astrologer Gaurav Sharma health of India make predictions about probable diseases of customers, and also provides expert guidance and sovereign astrological remedies for the same.