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Marriage is one of the most important and necessary work or necessities of life. So beautiful and time-tested science of astrology provides inevitably a rich stock of extensive and lush information and facts about the marriage of individuals. This lush spectrum of knowledge and information about marriage also covers the various causes that are responsible for the delay in marriage. This website contains exclusive and useful information about the astrological remedies for delayed marriage , with the explanation of the possible causes of the delay in marriages of people in countries around the world.

According to astrology, the most relevant and important houses in the birth horoscope of the person in relation to marriage and married life is the seventh house (7th house), Eighth house (8th house), Tenth house (10th house), thirds house [3Rd house), etc. And, the most important and influential planets in relation to marriage and marital happiness is timely Jupiter, Mars, Venus, etc. Therefore, these planets well placed, virtuous and strong in the horoscope of the birth mother. In connection with the marriage and household, the dominant house is the 7th house; 8 house of the horoscope contains facts about the life of the spouse; and 10 and three houses provides information on relationships with in-laws and brothers and sisters-in-law, respectively. The planet Jupiter plays a big role in the marriage and timely marital happiness of the mother. Good and strong Mars is considered supportive of harmony and happiness in marriage. While powerful Venus promotes rapid marriage, marital harmony and materialistic comfort in married life.

Our world famous astrologer is now one of the most reliable and reputed Marriage- specialist astrologers and love marriage astrologers in India and countries around the world. Many other sciences are also fully covered by the services of Pandit Gaurav Sharma; his affluent spectrum of services, visit other web pages of this globally reputable website.