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The increase of competition, jealousy, temptation, hungry for social and monetary might get in life quickly people want to take the shortcut way. Black Magic is the shortcut way to get all the necessary things by using the forces of evil. Black magic to take the process by people who are negatively minded. This lore used to damage or other put in danger. Jealous people use it to ruin the lives of competitors. A few special mantra and Yantra are used to do black magic. There are different name of black magic as - jaadu tona, kala Jadu, mooth Karni, voodoo etc.

There are many dangerous effects of black magic which the life of a person's demise. It can destroy the personal life. It can destroy the professional life. It can make a personal paralyzed. Black magic refers to the phenomenon when supernatural power used to influence other damage or negative. Is merely the opposite of various astrological techniques, prayers and rituals that usually done for a positive effect. People with evil intent and jealous idea using black magic to achieve their goals and do not care if they destroy the lives of others.