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Most of us want a partner to take part in our lives. when we finally fall in love and committed to a relationship that we hope we will continue to age.

The same old argument arises, with the same frustrating outcomes, and both feel uncomfortable partners. Over time one or both may begin to consider separation. Separations and divorce is highly create problems between two people there are some patterns and situations within can develop a relationship that will contribute to prevent problems. Relationships depend on trust, understanding. Which covers these three factors that type of relationship is not to manage the relationship? Put simply it means that you can enjoy each other's company, shared values, interest, friends and family, and believe that you care about, support, understanding and respect for each another and work together as a team.

Couples in love to watch the most beautiful eyes, how they show their love for each other and care. Make the on lookers feel happy to watch them giggle as they walk pass other; it is like spring time, even when it snows or rains. Like every relationship goes through every thick and thin, it also has its hard times. This happens when there is an understanding problem couple can be a very difficult thing to overcome. There are many instances when the current scenario of both partners working in top organization makes it difficult for them to go because of a lack of time for each other, hectic schedules and workload of their superiors and the worst is that the suspect to the spouse all the time.