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Adopted Shastra is an ancient science related to the design and construction of concrete and other structures used for various purposes. The principles of vastu Shastra is derived from the Sthapathya Veda, which is considered one of the sacred and highly benevolent books in Hinduism. Adopted Shastra believe in building houses that the positive forces of nature can maximize, and any negative forces and influences on people involved is limited. So, the most important and ultimate goals adopted Shastra is the life of people happy, peaceful, hassle-free and successfully make optimal. So, we Pandit ji Vastu consultation Gaurav Sharma also covered this very useful science adopted in the lush range of its solutions and services to help people living in peaceful, happy, and prosperous life. Adopted services of our worldwide acclaimed Pandit ji described in the section below for the clear understanding and the best possible convenience of the visitors.

Adopted Shastra believe in the use of the knowledge gained through science, art, astrology and astronomy, and calculate effects of natural forces in eight directions. As per this ancient and esoteric science adopted Shastra, different forces of nature (essentially including the five basic elements of earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Air) influence the life of every living thing on earth; and therefore, the thoughts, deeds, behaviour and happiness are inherently affected by these forces or energy of nature. Adopted strive to maximize the positive effects of these forces, and to reduce the negative or ill-effects of these forces on resident people, informed by good and safe construction of life and commercial buildings and structures.